this is the video of the fight on him

evolved from the ohso bad badguy megarikefurerhimler the way of himler getting sooperdooper powers was with
a oven that took ainchent romes badevil monster powers and

putting them into him it turned of him to a monstrus hydra monster

that fote alexshelper and tir and sherlock homes and they beet him dead he used his poisen breathe to hurt sherlock homes reely bad and tir had to heel of him makeing a epic battel betwean sooperdooperrikefurerhimler and alexshelper (me!)


  • all the powers ofthe hydra
  • also megalazerbeams but he didnt use of thees in the fite in the blog thats insider informashun hahahahah


  • <u style="font-family:Schoolbell;color:rgb(76,17,48);font-size:xx-large;">"hahahahah you see i got of a masheen when i got into this hear ainchent rome and i used it to increes my powers of to kill you what was the masheen well ill tell you it was a sooperdoopermonsterburner! it was like to be my megajooburner but it gets me of sooperdooperpower insted of megapower wich is being of weeker your prabubly knoeing that it burns up monsters!!!" </u>
  • "keep fiteing of it youll make me better!!! oh wait i shud kill you all and put you to be in pieces that are in ovens to take of your powers hahahahahahaha thats a gud idea!"