this is the terrifyeing video of him

wen himler the rikefurer of the ss or to be known as the secret consirasyofsledner was found to be without deefences or a teleportal working of it he used the megapowers that he got of wwii with his megajooburner masheen hahahahahahah how wierd he became megarikefurerhimler. than he fought the guys of good and got defeeted than he turned to be sooperdooperrikefurerhimler ...


he can:

  • shoot megajooburnermasheens
  • shoot megalazerbeams from his eyes
  • and he can make gas chamber gas attaks to hurt or kill


  • "me and my vereygud frend and megafurer hitler were killing of maney lots of joos to fuel are megajooburner we had a pipe comeing out from them that conekted to us and gave us mega energys... now preepair for your ultimet demeyes!"
  • "ow my hurtingness you did of me you varybad guy sherlock hey figure this out mistureedetektive how quickly you can be dead from this!!!!"