[I Am The Slenderslayer] This was the first ever blog in the awesum quest for slenderjustice by SlenderSlayer it all started with his revealation of he knew how to stop and destroy the slendermenace once and forall he was got hunted for it by powerfull servant of Slender Man Proxnnilater the most powerful Proxie of Slender Mans army and the PTC too but they hunted Sledner Man to finnaly he told of how it was with how Slender Man was came t obe create d or atleast what we call Slenderman hahahahahaha it was in the Middle Ages SlenderSlayer was a knigh t for a king who was terrible menaced by the evil wizard guy of what we call now Slender Man who was served of by Proxannilatyr he sent SlenderSlayer to fight and kill him they foughted and SlenderSlayer stabbed with him in the face with the slenderslaying spear a magical spear he had the only thing that could kill Slender Man it wounded him so bad

the story of the guy known to be called now President Slender and feared for it to started in the Middle Age after a giant battling with SlenderSlayer and his guys Slender Man got wounded by SlenderSlayer with the Slenderslaying spear he ran away into the nowtimes in the Path Of Black Leaves but SlenderSlayer was followed hhim Alex did to SlenderSlayer attacked the Path Of BHlack Leaves it broke and destroyed but the both rescaped of it but Presidnet Slender did first he had enough time to conquer America with his Proxie army and make it into Slendermerica he turned mostly all the people in it into Proxies being a normal guy was nonlegal in the totalrian govronment there SlenderSlayer and Alex kept fighting is evil rule of it so did the Resistance Movement a organization of normal human guys ressitng the slender tyranny President Slender also set up the FBS former know and called as the FBI but jnow it stands for Federal Bereau ofSlender he made the secretly Proxie guy Fisk he had infiltrated the FBI as a secret Proxie before it was turned into the FBS now Presidnet Slender made it into the FBS and made Fisk the boss guy of it President Slender sent Masky and his humanassasinators a verysodeadly assasin guys to kill and assasinate SlenderSlayer and Alex