alexshelper is a guy of fiteing agenst the slenderspirasy and he beat the leeder of it sooperdooperrikefurerhimler and


he also beet up a guy fromt he website of arkiveing metal he weant to ainchent rome after he found of a messaj on the badevil guy from the metul arkivess compyooter and he fote an medusa and kiled it there and he killed a minotore in his blog he fites with sherlock homes and tir but he also fites with maney others in other blogs after he traveled throo the time to get too the fiteing of slednerthoolloo and megamegacosmicrake

he is also called sometimes readerofslenderblogs or ireadslenders or etc


  • he can do a fluryofffistpunching
  • he has a miror of useing as a sheeld
  • he has a sored
  • he has an medusas head two


  • "shut up lets battleing of it guys!"
  • "hey we need a megasooper batel plan to beet him dead!!!!!!"
  • "ok make sure he isnet dead for alltimes!"